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Pearl Jewelry |珍珠首飾| Pearl Necklaces, Earrings & Bracelets with Real Pearls真珍珠珍珠項鍊,耳環和手鍊


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珍珠首飾| 珍珠項鍊-真珍珠耳環和手鍊

Pearl Jewelry is very attractive and has been loved by millions of women throughout the ages.珍珠首飾非常吸引人,並且在各個年齡段中都受到數百萬女性的喜愛。 Pearl Jewelry is highly appriciated for its purity and luster.珍珠珠寶因其純度和光澤而備受推崇。 For this reason pearls are amongst the most popular gems for jewelry worldwide.因此,珍珠是全世界珠寶首飾中最受歡迎的寶石之一。 The Pearl Jewelry we offer are Pearl Necklaces, Single Pearl Necklaces, Pearl Earrings, Pearl Stud Earrings and Pearl Bracelets.我們提供的珍珠首飾有珍珠項鍊,單條珍珠項鍊,珍珠耳環,珍珠耳釘和珍珠手鍊。 Scroll up to view all our Pearl Jewelry and pick your beautiful pearl jewelry by Pure Gems today.向上滾動以查看我們所有的珍珠首飾,並立即選擇Pure Gems挑選您美麗的珍珠首飾。

我們在珍珠首飾中提供的珍珠顏色為白色,粉紅色和紫色。 珍珠的美麗色彩是自然的。 我們提供的珍珠均未染色或著色。 相同顏色的珍珠一起用於珠寶首飾中以相互匹配。

淡水珍珠是100%純淨的。插入貽貝的那一塊是貽貝內殼襯裡的一塊珍珠材料,然後被具有相同珍珠材料(珍珠層)的貽貝包圍。 因此,在它的中心沒有其他物質(殼珠核)。 它是100%純淨的珍珠。


Pure Gems提供的所有珍珠珠寶均使用真正的高質量100%純珍珠製成。 Almost all pearls sold around the world (95%) are real cultured Freshwater Pearls from pearl farms in Asia, and so are those sold by Pure Gems.全世界出售的幾乎所有珍珠(XNUMX%)都是來自亞洲珍珠養殖場的真正養殖的淡水珍珠,Pure Gems出售的珍珠也是如此。 These Cultured Freshwater Pearls are Real High Quality Pearls that are formed within the shells of Mussels.這些人工養殖的淡水珍珠是在貽貝殼內形成的真正優質珍珠。

珍珠首飾| 珍珠項鍊-真珍珠耳環和手鍊

The forming of a pearl starts by inserting a small (1mm x 1mm) piece of mantle tissue from the inner lining of a donor mussel into the harvesting mussel.珍珠的形成是從供體貽貝的內襯中插入一塊小的(98mm x XNUMXmm)的披風組織開始的。 The piece causes irritation to the mussel, which responds by slowly surrounding the piece with it's Nacre (the Mother of Pearls) until it becomes a pearl.該碎片對貽貝產生刺激,貽貝通過用珍珠層母貝(珍珠母)緩慢地圍繞該塊,直到其變成珍珠為止。 It can take several months up to years before high quality pearls are fully formed.高質量的珍珠要完全成型可能要花費幾個月甚至幾年的時間。 During the pearl formation the mussels are protected in underwater pearl farms in freshwater lakes.在珍珠形成過程中,貽貝在淡水湖的水下珍珠養殖場中受到保護。 When mussels have completed forming the pearls with it's nacre, the pearls are harvested by hand and selected by size, shape, quality, luster and color.貽貝用珍珠母完成珍珠成形後,就可以手工收穫珍珠,並根據大小,形狀,質量,光澤和顏色進行選擇。 XNUMX% of these pearls are not perfectly round.這些珍珠中有XNUMX%並非完美圓形。 The majority of freshwater pearls are oval and button shaped, and so are the pearls that we offer.大多數淡水珍珠是橢圓形和鈕扣形,我們提供的珍珠也是如此。 We only use the best pearls selected by their high quality and luster.我們僅使用根據其高質量和光澤選擇的最好的珍珠。


There are a variety of pearls on the market, all of which vary when it comes to quality and even value.市場上有各種各樣的珍珠,它們的質量甚至價值都各不相同。 But that's what really makes them stand out, you can have a wide array of pearls on the market and each one of them will be very different.但這才是真正使它們脫穎而出的原因,您可以在市場上買到各種各樣的珍珠,而且每顆珍珠都會有很大不同。 What you need to keep in mind is that these are real pearls that impress you with their value and efficiency all the time.您需要記住的是,這些都是真正的珍珠,它們始終以其價值和效率給您留下深刻的印象。 That being said, what you will like the most about them is the fact that they look great while also retaining the real value.話雖如此,您最喜歡它們的地方是它們看起來很棒,同時又保留了真正的價值。

珍珠首飾| 珍珠項鍊-真珍珠耳環和手鍊

These pearls are basically regular freshwater pearls.這些珍珠基本上是普通的淡水珍珠。 But they are cultured pearls.但是它們是養殖珍珠。 And what that means is that they are farmed specifically for their pearls.這意味著它們是專門為珍珠而種的。 They are created with the use of freshwater mussels.它們是用淡水貽貝製成的。 Nowadays most of these real pearls for production use are created in China.如今,這些用於生產的真正珍珠大部分都在中國生產。 And that's where the Pure Gems ones are coming as well.這就是純寶石的到來。 There are many ways to study the Cultured Freshwater Pearls and figure out what value they can bring.有很多方法可以研究淡水養殖珍珠並弄清楚它們可以帶來什麼價值。 Things like matching, color, surface, shape and luster will always make quite the difference and that's exactly what you need to keep in mind.諸如匹配,顏色,表面,形狀和光澤之類的東西總會帶來很大的不同,而這正是您需要牢記的。 The idea of having cultured pearls was available for a very long time and it still continues to be very popular in many locations all over the world.養殖珍珠的想法已經存在了很長時間,並且在全世界許多地方仍然很受歡迎。

The fact that these are cultured pearls does make them a bit different, as they are more prone to have that amazing round shape that perfect pearls tend to have.這些人工養殖的珍珠確實使它們有些不同,因為它們更傾向於具有完美珍珠往往具有的驚人的圓形形狀。 That being said, regular pearls that are freshwater pearls will have a huge range of shapes.話雖如此,作為淡水珍珠的普通珍珠將具有各種各樣的形狀。 It's very hard to find some that are perfectly round, which is exactly why you should check them out and see how they are, what colors they are bringing to the table and so on.很難找到完美的圓形,這就是為什麼您應該檢查一下它們並查看它們的狀態,它們給桌子帶來的顏色等等的原因。 Some of them can shift from the pure white and into something a lot more different like yellow tones at times.他們中的一些人可能會從純白色變成有時甚至更多的不同,例如黃色。

珍珠首飾| 珍珠項鍊-真珍珠耳環和手鍊

These are real pearls and you can easily buy and use them without a problem.這些是真正的珍珠,您可以輕鬆購買和使用它們而不會出現問題。 They are super impressive, distinct and certainly different when compared to other pearls.與其他珍珠相比,它們令人印象深刻,獨特且無疑不同。 What really makes them stand out is the value being brought to the table and the clear attention to detail.真正使它們脫穎而出的是為餐桌帶來的價值以及對細節的清晰關注。 The fact that they tend to be rounder when compared to naturally occurring ones makes them even more appealing to customers.與天然產品相比,它們往往更圓潤,這一事實使它們對客戶更具吸引力。 But at the end of the day, Cultured Freshwater Pearls are still natural pearls, despite the fact that they are being grown in a controlled environment.但歸根結底,儘管養殖淡水珍珠在受控環境中生長,但它們仍然是天然珍珠。 After all, they are grown naturally and that's what matters.畢竟,它們是自然生長的,這才是重要的。 We recommend you to browse the Pure Gems online store, we have a variety of Freshwater Pearls that you can check out right away.我們建議您瀏覽Pure Gems在線商店,我們有多種淡水珍珠,您可以立即查看。 We are always here to assist, so if you want a particular type of jewelry with pearls you can let us know.我們總是在這里為您提供幫助,因此,如果您想要一種特殊的珍珠首飾,可以告訴我們。 Rest assured that buying cultured pearls jewelry is an amazing experience and you should definitely check it out if you want stellar jewelry!請放心,購買養殖珍珠首飾是一種了不起的體驗,如果您想要一流的首飾,一定要檢查一下!  


珍珠首飾| 珍珠項鍊-真珍珠耳環和手鍊

If you want to look different and bring in a luxurious appeal, then Pearl Jewelry is the right way to go.如果您希望外觀與眾不同並帶來奢華的魅力,那麼Pearl Jewelry是正確的選擇。 Be it single pearl necklaces or pearl earrings, they look stunning and you can get these as well as so much more on the Pure Gems website.無論是單條珍珠項鍊還是珍珠耳環,它們看起來都很棒,您可以在Pure Gems網站上找到這些項鍊以及更多。 It really is an incredible thing to have and something you will cherish quite a bit.這確實是一件令人難以置信的事情,您會珍惜很多。 What makes our website unique is the fact that it gives you immediate access to some of the best real pearls on the market used in our pearl necklaces, pearl earrings and pearl bracelets.我們的網站之所以與眾不同,是因為它使您可以立即訪問市場上一些最好的真珍珠,這些珍珠用於我們的珍珠項鍊,珍珠耳環和珍珠手鍊。

You will be impressed with the incredible attention to detail and the stunning experience you receive.令人難以置信的對細節的關注和令人印象深刻的體驗將給您留下深刻的印象。 Plus, the best part is that we are only using cultured pearls, which means the Pearl Jewelry has the highest value and quality.另外,最好的部分是我們僅使用養殖珍珠,這意味著珍珠首飾具有最高的價值和質量。 Our pearls are acquired from pearl farms and they are cleverly added to stunning jewelry.我們的珍珠是從珍珠養殖場購得的,並將它們巧妙地添加到精美的珠寶中。 Some jewelry pieces like earrings use signl pearls, while we also offer pearl necklaces and pearl bracelets with many pearls.一些珠寶首飾,例如耳環,都使用標誌性的珍珠,而我們還提供珍珠項鍊和帶有許多珍珠的珍珠手鍊。 That brings you some amazing results and the outcome is one of the best no matter the situation.那給您帶來一些驚人的結果,無論情況如何,結果都是最好的結果之一。 We offer customers the best experience on the market and you can rely on us to bring in all that efficiency and support that you always wanted.我們為客戶提供市場上最好的體驗,您可以依靠我們帶來您一直想要的所有效率和支持。

珍珠首飾| 珍珠項鍊-真珍珠耳環和手鍊

當您在蚌中插入一小塊地幔組織時,珍珠通常會生長。 珍珠會對其產生刺激,這意味著它將被珍珠層包圍,最終成為珍珠。 這些真正的珍珠可能需要數月才能完全成型。 但是,這是自然發生的過程。 從產生的珍珠中,您將毫無問題地擁有珍珠耳環或什至珍珠項鍊。 關於珍珠首飾要記住的一件事是,並非所有珍珠都是完美的圓形。 他們為您提供了很好的體驗,並且結果本身在視覺上令人印象深刻。 但是,天然珍珠很少會形成我們所知的圓形。 實際上,那裡98%的珍珠並不完美。 根據情況的不同,它們中的大多數往往是鈕扣形甚至橢圓形的。

Pure Gems之所以與眾不同,是因為我們僅使用天然珍珠。 We make sure that you are always receiving the best value and quality on the market.我們確保您一直在市場上獲得最好的價值和質量。 And you can rely on our team to offer the efficiency and quality you want without worries.您可以依靠我們的團隊來提供所需的效率和質量,而無需擔心。 Plus, each one of the pearls is cleverly added to jewelry that will impress with both its value and tremendous attention to detail.另外,每一顆珍珠都被巧妙地添加到珠寶中,其價值和對細節的高度關注將給人留下深刻的印象。 If you are very passionate about jewelry in general, you will find Pearl Jewelry to stand out and you will be very impressed with the quality we are bringing here.如果您對一般的珠寶充滿熱情,您會發現Pearl Jewelry脫穎而出,我們將帶給您的品質會給您留下深刻的印象。 And with numerous styles to choose from, all you have to do is to make the right pick.並且有多種樣式可供選擇,您要做的就是正確選擇。 Scroll up to view all pearl necklaces, pearl earrings and pearl bracelets with real freshwater pearls!向上滾動以查看所有帶有真正淡水珍珠的珍珠項鍊,珍珠耳環和珍珠手鍊!